Day 2: Brookfield, NS to Springhill, NS

I woke up feeling refreshed after my first day of cycling. It was nice to be under a real roof, on a real bed. Sleep really is fundamental to giving energy — don’t underestimate it!

Fadia and Randy served me breakfast, and we talked for a bit more. I then bid farewell to them. If ever you end up in the Brookfield, NS, area, do visit them at Sunrise Motel — it really is hospitality unlike anything else.

With Fadia and Randy

With Fadia and Randy

Today was a bit more challenging — the part of Nova Scotia where I was cycling was filled with hills, a lot of grueling moments up, but the moments downhill were heaven. I guess that for people living with chronic pain, life is an even more intense up and down.

I had lunch by the lakeside, while talking to Frances. There is so much tranquility everywhere, we really only need to find it. I continued even more, until the chains of my bike broke down. I ended up in Springhill, NS, which is also a deserted place, and decided to camp behind an abandoned building for the night. Still, I am glad that I was able to end up somewhere fairly comfortable.

For people who attempt to cross Canada, the second day is the turning point. A lot give up after the second day. But giving up has never been an option for me, and I’ll keep on fighting — fighting for my words, decisions, values, and for people living with chronic pain.

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Brookfield, NS to Springhill, NS

  1. So glad Dan is trying to bring more recognition to chronic pain. Good luck to him. I intend to follow his blog.

    • Thanks for your support, Bev! We need as much support as we can to make chronic pain more visible and heard of, not just in Canada, but the whole world. We’ll put updates regularly!
      – Daniel and Frances

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