Day 4 – from Dieppe, NB to Miramichi, NB

If there is one thing that this trip has changed about my sleeping habits, it is sleeping early (i.e. before 11 pm), and waking up early (talk about 7 am!). I get dead tired easily in the evening, of course, and in the morning I always have this energy that makes me feel like I need to be on the go.

On the morning of the fourth day, my host Sheri prepared a wonderful protein shake, a full blender’s worth. Full of energy, I set off and was quite amazed at how quickly I was adapting to the trip, and how my pace is getting faster and faster.

If you want to cycle across Canada, here’s a tip: use Google maps. But don’t use “bicycle” as the mode of transport, use the “car” mode. It’ll give you safer and less rocky roads to cycle on.

One of the patterns I have seen so far is having lunch in front of the water. It really is tranquil, peaceful, and gives me a whole lot of time to ponder upon my trip. I had pizza, and it’s amazing how even badly-done pizza can taste when you’re in the most ill-fitting situation.

60 km from Miramichi - the stunning views you get cycling along New Brunswick

60 km from my destination — the stunning views you get cycling along New Brunswick

Tonight I camped along the side of the road, in a secluded area covered by trees. I won’t be surprised if the area I slept on used to be a road trucks would take 40 years ago. I was so tired, and it amazed me how no matter how tired I was, I had all the energy to set my tent up.

I guess one of my most significant realizations over the past four days is the amount of generosity that is overflowing and abundant around me. It has only been four days, yet all the generous and kind people who have helped me through my obstacles, helped me go through my challenge, supported me, and cheered for me really gave me the energy to go through. And as for people with chronic pain, it is wonderful to see how much support they get, through their family, friends, relatives, and the various organizations dedicated for improving the lives of those with chronic pain (spearheaded by the Canadian Pain Coalition and AQDC).

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