Day 9: Trois-Pistoles, QC to La Pocatière, QC

Today, my uncle Yves cycled with me.

We had breakfast together — my uncle, Aunt Dominique, and our hosts in Trois-Pistoles: Dyne and Claude Dumont. It was fun to be in the presence of friends and family, especially knowing that one of them is joining me on my mission.

With my uncle Yves, our hosts Claude and Dyne Dumont

With my uncle Yves, our hosts Claude and Dyne Dumont

Claude is a professional painter and his home/gallery is full of his luminous works. He also owns an impressive collection of sculptures, many of which brighten his yard. He evidently has the soul of an artist, and it was very interesting to hear him speak of his journey as an artist.

The work of one of Claude’s sculptor friends

The work of one of Claude’s sculptor friends

Another character that inhabits the yard

Another character that inhabits the yard

We had too much fun, it seems, so we started pretty late. We went along the gravel road, cycling along the Trois-Pistoles river. I followed my very fit uncle, who had a very impressive pace and speed, especially when he started.

We celebrated my arrival in the province of Quebec by having poutine at Rivière-du-Loup, talking about the Montreal Canadians winning against Boston (of course). We then had coffee, and my cycling shoes were making clicking sounds (sometimes I feel like I’m wearing tap shoes), so the owner asked me to remove them — it was quite an experience walking with only my socks in front of everyone.

We kept going, and I was keeping up with my uncle, although my knees were really aching. We took breaks here and there, continued, and eventually made it to La Pocatière. We had dinner, and of course, as we all know — the Canadians won that night.

Today was a particularly inspiring day because I really saw how my uncle, who has arthritis, made it all the way through, despite the physical consequences it must have had on him. I can only imagine how much more challenging it was for him, but he kept on going, and not once did I see him flinch nor portray any signs of truly wanting to give up. This is a real sign of bravery indeed. I’m proud of you, Uncle Yves!


2 thoughts on “Day 9: Trois-Pistoles, QC to La Pocatière, QC

  1. Dominique and I met Daniel at the ferry dock in Trois Pistoles at 19h00. We stayed at my dear friends Claude and Dyne (from Armandyne) in their beautifull almost manor type of house right by the St Laurence. I had baked a nice Cheezy Cottage Pie, served with green peas and butter beans.
    The first day of biking was gruesome for me. It started all great but under grey skies and some rain. After 80 some kilometers, I knew I was way passed my capacity. I had lower back pains, neck pains, arthrosis on my right wrist was acting up. I was pushing, trying my very best, showing my best smile every time Daniel was checking up on me, making certain I was ok. Still, at near the end of that first day, I was trembling, panting, wanted to throw up. My bike is only a month old and rides like the wind but I could only practice and train for about 50 kilometers per day to prepare for this. I had to walk the last not so steep hill. At the top, it was downhill for about 200 meters to get to the motel where Dominique was waiting for us. Before coming down, I had to lean to a post, not trying to catch my breath but trying not to collapse. All my concentration was necessary to come home and to a nice warm bath. I think I could not have standed in the shower. My helmet was inprinted on my head, I was dirty with mud, bloody from my falls ( a van turned a corner in Rivière du Loup and forced me get on the sidewalk but my angle was not good and the tyre did not take hold and I landed on my knee, hip and elbow)
    We had a copious meal and many adventures to tell Dominique and everything was great. In my mind I doubted that I could start again the next day for another 124 kilometers. We went to bed right after the Habs won over the bruins. I was told I snored so loud, they couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


  2. Your day cycling was difficult with the rain and the wind but you continued, both of you, determined to finish what you started. I think these two days of cycling, shared by god son and god father will always
    be a strong reminder that anything is possible when we are determined to succeed.
    I am very proud of you both and I thank you Yves and Dominique for your implication in Daniels cause.
    Dominique is translating the english blog into french for the website.

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