Day 12: Quebec to Trois-Rivières

Today, another special person cycled with me.

My father.

My grandfather welcomed us the night before that. After having a hearty breakfast with him, my father, my stepmother, and my girlfriend and I went to see my uncle Claude and his family, and my uncle Yves and Aunt Dominique. They all gave me a sweet send-off, and off my father and I went.

My father and I -- ready to go!

My father and I — ready to go!

It was raining when we started, but my father and I cycled pretty easily. We did go through Donnacona, which for me was always a big hill — I found it much smaller this time. Guess I’m really used to huge hills now.

A view of the St. Lawrence River

A view of the St. Lawrence River

After Donnacona, the winds were against us all the way to our destination — my father and I would take turns on who would stay in front to shield the other from the wind.  After having confronted winds going against us, running at 25 kilometers/hour and us cycling  140 km from Quebec City to Trois-Rivières, my father and I now fully understand what the slogan “Conquering pain for Canadians, one kilometer at a time” means.

We finally made it to our destination around 8 pm, with a full bucket of St. Hubert ribs and chicken and a side dish of coleslaw salad waiting for us. We were both happy to make it, but I am especially glad that I was able to finish this day knowing that my father has just cycled 140 km with me. He really impressed me — although he was tired, he never said a word. He would keep on going; seeing him cycle his way through gave me strength. My whole body was still fatigued after the first ten days of cycling — but to see him carry on gave me the inspiration to move and finish.


Daddy and me arriving in Trois-Rivières — we made it!


2 thoughts on “Day 12: Quebec to Trois-Rivières

    • Bon j’ai oublié de signer …
      J’en profite pour t’adresser tous nos encouragements pour la suite !!!

      José, Clément et Anna !

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