Day 13: Trois-Rivières to Montreal

Today was day two with my father, ready for a day like no other!

Father and son ready for strike two!

Father and son ready for strike two!

Although the roads were fairly flat from Trois-Rivières to Montreal, the winds were fat and mighty, and we really had to fight against them. The wind changes everything: no matter how flat the road is, if the wind is against you, you would really have to give it whole lot more of yourself to get your way through. In addition, the roads were unfortunately rather bad, with plenty of potholes and cracks slowing us down.

We reached halfway through to our destination, and rewarded ourselves with poutine from the chain La Belle Province. Quebec may not have the best roads, but boy, it has the most amazing poutine anyone could ever have in their lifetime.

Our muscles were both rather stiff in the morning, but got significantly better in the afternoon. A tip for cyclists out there, especially if you want to do long distances: there is nothing more valuable for your muscles than having a good, long stretch all over your body before you go and once you’re done.

We finally arrived in my hometown, Montreal. It took us over an hour an a half to get from the edge of the island to my father’s house. It has never taken me this long to cross any other city. I have lived in Montreal all my life, but never have I realized how huge it really is until I cycled across it.

Arriving at the end of the road that links Quebec City to Montreal

Arriving at the end of the road that links Quebec City to Montreal

We then reached home, where a full supper with my family was waiting for us.

I am really grateful to have had this experience — to have experienced fighting through the winds, cracked roads, and potholes with my father in order to make it home. It was a very humbling experience. For a lot of people with chronic pain, it can be uplifting to know that someone else has the same condition, that someone else is fighting through a similar challenge.  It is not always a solitary experience; there will always be someone willing to go through it with them.


One thought on “Day 13: Trois-Rivières to Montreal

  1. Home sweet home. It must be great to sleep in your own bed and have a hot meal with the family.
    Congradulations to Francois for a great ride. Wow!!

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