Day 19: North Bay, ON to Sudbury, ON

After a healthy, calorie-filled breakfast by Alex and Kristin, I set off. I first went to Cheapskates, a sports shop in North Bay known for its excellent service, and more than excellent service I got!  One of their team members greased my chains and inflated my tires for free. They were a very nice team, and really encouraged me to go on with my journey.

I cycled around Lake Nipissing — it really is a wonder. What immense opportunity it was to have been able to see something so beautiful, which made me just take it in and experience the moment I have been granted.

The roads became very rocky towards Sudbury. There was a variety of rocks and lakes as I approached — one can really see that Sudbury is a city where establishments and homes are scattered all around. The clip of my cycling shoes got stuck on my pedal, and a very nice guy, Joey, offered to help me fix it. Thank you so much, Joey!

I cycled to the apartment of our house, Vince Keyue Zhang. Vince is a student from China who just finished his Master’s degree in Sudbury. Vince was actually three days away from moving to Toronto — yet he still very warmly welcomed us to his place. He is a very talented photographer — check out his works here:

Vince truly embodied such an incredibly generous host! He treated Frances and me for dinner (at an all-you-can-eat Japanese/Chinese restaurant, no less!) and breakfast, drove us everywhere, and even took impressive photos of me. He’s really a cool guy, and both Frances and I enjoyed his company — we talked about my experiences when I lived and traveled across China, about life in Canada, his goals and aspirations, his extensive travels across Asia, and his remarkable photographic works.

With Vince, what a cool guy!

With Vince, what a cool guy!

We drove a bit around Sudbury, which is the largest city in Northern Ontario. It felt good to be back in a place that closely resembled a city, away from the rural confines of Ontario. Sudbury is interesting in that it is home to a large Francophone population. It used to have a major mining industry, but now, the economy has largely expanded to other industries including finance, health, and education.

What really struck me today is the generosity of everyone. It is incredible to be in the presence of so many warm- and kind-hearted individuals around me, who are willing to give so much of themselves no matter what. The best thing is, they are not expecting anything in return — just the kind intention of paying the kindness forward. I am humbled, and am even more encouraged to give more and do my best to fulfill my mission for individuals living with chronic pain.


One thought on “Day 19: North Bay, ON to Sudbury, ON

  1. Thank you Vince for your help and hospitality. Daniel and Frances are happy to have a roof instead of stars over their heads at night. I am very impressed by your wonderful photos!! They are beautiful, timeless and alive. I love the cuban lady with the big cigar and of course, that wonderful picture of a very handsome and crazy guy on a bike crossing Canada in order to find out what real pain is and collect funds for chonic pain. Have a good move to Toronto, great city!

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