Day 20: Sudbury, ON to Spragge, ON

After a signature Tim Horton’s bagel-hash brown-coffee breakfast and a mini photo shoot generously offered by Vince, I took off. I realized that the road was even rockier getting to Spragge, and that the highway was busier.

Some shots by Vince:



I saw the majestic Lake Huron for the first time, and it was a treat to cycle along it.

I arrived in Spragge, a very tiny region of the North Shore Township, which has a population of about 500. We stayed at the Serpent River Campground, where the owner very kindly offered us a place to camp for half the price.

Day 20 may be the most uneventful of all my days of my so far, ride-wise, but it is not without something worth to remember: my girlfriend brought me a whole piece of large roasted chicken for dinner, which I ate all by myself. It is incredible to see how much I consume daily, and my appetite seems to keep on growing more and more. Appetite for food, for more kilometers to cycle, and for more positive realizations — day by day.

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