Day 30: Ignace, ON to Dryden, ON

The sunlight woke us up today. No alarm clocks needed — its rays were so strong that it penetrated through our tent’s roof very early in the day, as if telling us to go get up and see what the skies have in store for me today.

A very nice man who was also staying in the campground very kindly offered Frances a ride to her bus stop. He himself has chronic pain, and even gave a donation to the cause.

I started off my journey with a good mood. Sunlight really makes a big difference. It was very sunny and warm, yet not too warm to make me sweat enormously. The winds also weren’t against me — it was one of the more fun days I’ve had cycling, as everything seemed to be in my favor.

The wind was fairly light, which is always a pleasant thing. although it wasn’t always in my direction. The thick trees around the highway would create a funnel effect that would canalize the flow of air, which would usually give me a tail wind.


These thick trees were creating the funnel effect.

Mini picnic on this warm sunny day

Mini picnic on this warm sunny day

It was also a rather rocky ride, and I had to fix my pedal again, but I managed to get through it all.

I arrived in Dryden around 6:15 p.m., and met Frances at the bus stop. There was an A&W next to it, and nothing soothes a starving stomach that needs 6,000 calories to survive more than a cheeseburger-and-fries combo. And yes, that monster inside my stomach was still craving for more.

Need to fulfill my caloric needs

Need to fulfill my caloric needs

We saw that it was going to rain the next day, so we didn’t really want to go camping. I scoured around the town for motels and negotiated for a 16-hour stay, and a kind lady very kindly offered us to stay at their motel for less. And yes, I had another 1,200 chicken-steak-potato-corn-cranberry dessert-brownie for dinner, and simply relaxed for the rest of the night with Frances.

It really makes a big difference to start one’s day with a good mood — it changes everything, gives one positive vibes, and, in my case, makes the whole ride more enjoyable. It also gave way for me to realize that I’ve gone beyond half of my journey — beyond half! What a journey it has been, and what a journey I have yet to experience.

One thought on “Day 30: Ignace, ON to Dryden, ON

  1. Less than half way to go!! Its wonderful how people are eager to help. Thank you to all those who have been there to help Daniel and Frances.

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