How to donate/support

There are various ways to support Daniel’s challenge — you’re a significant part of it.

Donate to the Canadian Pain Coalition

One of the major goals of this challenge is to raise funds to support the educational and advocacy programs of the Canadian Pain Coalition, We would love it if this could be your main way of supporting this challenge.

Other ways to support the challenge

1. Is Daniel coming to your town? Take a look at Daniel’s schedule here — we would appreciate if you could provide a couch to sleep on! Camping is fun, but it would also be nice to have a real roof from time to time 🙂 If you simply want to meet Daniel on his way to your town, he would love to see you! Contact us.

2. Join Daniel on his bike trip. More details here.

3. Follow Daniel’s story — follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our blog — you can do all these by clicking the little square with three stripes above.

4. Help spread the word! Share our posts on your social media accounts, share our story to your local media outlets, friends, family members, acquaintances, and colleagues.

5. Find out more about the Canadian Pain Coalition, as well as the L’Association québécoise de la douleur chronique, and support their initiatives.

Tell us what you think

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