What is it?

What is it like to embark on a 56-day journey across Canada on a bicycle — from the shores of Nova Scotia, through New Brunswick’s hills, Quebec’s landscapes, sprinting along the longest street in the world proudly owned by Ontario, along Manitoba’s hundred-thousand lakes, towards Saskatchewan’s endless fields of wheat, witnessing the majesty of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, and finally ending amidst the Pacific seas of British Columbia?

Daniel is on his way to finding out as he fulfills all of this, his personal dream, and even more importantly, to raise awareness and funds across his home country for individuals living with chronic pain.

May 6 to July 1st. From Halifax, NS, to Vancouver, BC. More than 100 towns, a thousand Canadians to meet, 6000 kilometers to cycle through, a million sights and sounds to witness. This is Daniel’s personal challenge, a feat he explains in his story below:

I have always dreamed of crossing Canada to witness the majestic natural wonders of the country I was born in, but in order to appreciate and experience Canada’s beauty in its entirety, I know that I will have to make it a personal challenge, something that I feel like I will deserve. This is why I have long decided to do this using my own strength — by riding a bicycle. In addition, I want to dedicate all of my efforts, which, we admit, will inflict some kind of pain in me — to individuals suffering from chronic pain.

My father is a doctor who specializes in treating patients with chronic pain, and throughout his many years of practice, I have seen how debilitating and serious this condition can be. I noticed that this issue is not widely discussed among the medical field, nor is it well recognized by the media, by social institutions, and by the general public. I told myself, if there is a way I could help benefit people with pain, this is it — to challenge myself and dedicate this to individuals suffering from pain for most of their lives.

My trip will start from Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 6, and I aim to finish in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 1. I will cross mountains, cycle along riverbanks, sprint across paths that no one has probably ever set foot before, all the while experiencing Canada’s majestic glory. It will be arduous, exhausting, painful at times. At the same time, however, and even more importantly, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is beautiful, life-changing, and momentous — not only for myself, but also for the people I am doing it for.

Here is Daniel’s message right before he leaves Halifax (in English):

and in French:

View Daniel’s route and schedule here.

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