The Team

Daniel Fugère

The Cyclist

Hailing from Montréal, Daniel recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal, as well as a minor in Psychology from the Université de Montréal. He believes that learning best takes place through experiences, and is an avid traveler — he has gone to over 90 countries across all continents, and has also lived in China and Italy. Daniel is a cyclist at heart: he was a volunteer cardio cycle (spinning) instructor for over three years, and has inspired many to live an active lifestyle through the art of cycling. When he doesn’t cycle, Daniel plays the guitar, swims, does ninjutsu, or spends hours programming.

We all believe that Daniel can one day save the world from itself: he is pursuing studies leading to research in Artificial Intelligence at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver (where his trip ends) this fall.

Frances Raquel Narvaez

PR, Communications & Web, Operations

Frances is a storyteller, with a love for telling narratives of social justice across the world. Her love for the arts has led her to tell stories in a creative fashion: her worked has spanned writing, acting onstage and onscreen, singing, photography, and modelling. She believes that the best way to be happy is to be of service, which is why she has dedicated her efforts in helping nonprofit organizations tell their own stories. She holds a Master’s degree in Screen Media from the University of Cambridge, and has worked in various nonprofits in Japan, Switzerland, France, the UK, and Canada.

By the way, she does admit that it was cycling that made her appreciate fitness even more.

Dr. François Fugère

Partnerships and Support

francoisDr. Fugère is an anesthesiologist and a chronic pain specialist. He has been treating chronic pain patients for 25 years, and his work is dedicated to the improvement of chronic pain management. A respected academic, Dr. Fugère is also a professor at the Department of Anesthesiology at the Université de Montréal, and has published and presented on a wide variety of topics on chronic pain. He earned his MD from Université Laval, and did his fellowship in Australia and Ottawa.

With years of experience behind him, witnessing the debilitating effects of chronic pain on individuals, he has embarked on a mission to help spread awareness in the best ways possible, especially now that his son is embarking on this unique journey.

Dr. Chantal Turcotte

Logistics and Support

Dr. Turcotte is a medical doctor focusing on General Family Practice and Medical Clinic Administration. She co-founded one of the country’s most successful medical clinics, Mediclub Plexo Medical Clinic, situated in Montréal.  Throughout her career, she has interacted with patients experiencing pain, and is more than happy to support Daniel’s mission in raising awareness for their condition.

Dr. Turcotte is a proud mother of three children, one of which is Daniel, whose cardio cycle class she is a loyal attendee of.

Isabelle Tremblay

Translation and Support

IsabelleMrs. Tremblay is a legal counsel. In her spare time, she volunteers in her community: she is currently chairing the Board of Establishment of the École secondaire Mont-Royal, and chaired, for two years, the Centraide campaign of her company. Mrs Tremblay is the mother of a 17-year old boy, and is the step mother of three young adults, one of which is Daniel, whose accomplishment and community involvement she is very proud of.

Dominique Turcotte

Translation and Support

DSCN1690Dominique is a certified teacher of classical ballet who also has a great affinity for languages. Although born into a French Canadian family, she is perfectly bilingual, having received her academic education mosty in English. Dominique has been translating French to English and vice versa for over twenty years, for both professional and personal reasons. She is very pleased to be able to participate her godson Daniel’s project by translating his daily blog from English to French.

4 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Bell équipe! Bon courage à Daniel, ce sera tout un exploit! Et un grand merci aux membres de son Équipe de soutien. Nous? Nous ne sommes que membres de son Premier Fan Club!!
    xx xx Dominique et Yves 🙂

  2. Wow! L’équipe du siècle quoi! Nous sommes super fier de toi et de cette magnifique initiative/aventure visant à sensibiliser la population à ce problème méconnu qu’est la douleur chronique. Tu auras aussi l’occasion de découvrir autant le Canada que toi même. Félicitations pour ton beau site web. On a hâte de te voir cher aventurier!

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