Thank You!

Daniel and the whole team would like to thank the following for their utmost support, genuine friendship, unending generosity in allowing us to spread awareness of chronic pain across Canada:

  • Mrs. Lynn Cooper
  • Mr. Terry Bremner and Mrs. Marion Bremner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brent and Nicole Allen of Pine Valley Resort (Stonecliffe, ON)
  • Mr. Patrick Beaudry
  • Mrs. Linda Bell
  • The Cuningham Family (John, Carole, Francois, Jeremy, Mathieu, Gregory)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dyne and Claude Dumont
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rheal and Gemma Desrosiers
  • Mr. Yves Girard
  • Ms. Ellen Hickey
  • Mr. Jacques Laliberté
  • Mrs. Ellen Maracle-Benton
  • Mrs. Lyne Major
  • Fadia and Randy of Sunrise Motel (Brookfield, NS)
  • The Bicycle Specialist (Amherst, NS)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robby Kilborn and Sheri Gallant
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Leanne Yates of the Yates General Store  (Stonecliffe, ON)
  • The whole CPC team
  • The whole AQDC team
  • Mrs. Sandra Gartz
  • Dr. Louis Fugère
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Kristin McKenna
  • Cheapskates (North Bay, ON)
  • Mr. Vince Keyue Zhang
  • Mrs. Cindy Weir
  • Mr. Frank Trichilo of the Drifters Motel (Terrace Bay, ON)
  • Ms. Sara of 8th Street B&B (Nipigon, ON)
  • Dr. Brian MacLeod, Mrs. Anne MacLeod and family (Thunder Bay, ON)
  • Davy Lake Campground
  • Town and Country Motel (Dryden, ON)
  • Ms. Gail Row (Kenora, ON)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Graham and Jill Natress (Winnipeg, ON)
  • Mr. Danny Adair (West Hawk Lake, MB)
  • Louis Bouchard of Nathalie Brien Optometry Clinic (Montreal, QC)
  • Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association
  • Pain Management Professional Practice Group
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Glen-mary Christopher
  • Mrs. Donna Cooke
  • Ms. Shelly Svedahl
  • Mr. Nick Williams of Argyle Communications
  • Mr. Brendan Lee and Ms. Basia Saczek
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Viviane Christopher
  • Mr. Rick Kullman
  • The Alspach Family: Dan, Lisa, Delaney, Brynn (Melville, SK)
  • Ms. Anne Ottman and her team at Hotel Saskatchewan (Regina, SK)
  • Western Cycle Source for Sports (Regina, SK)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Curtis and Yvonne Douglas (Caronport, SK)
  • Mr. Derek and Mrs. Katie Cooper (Medicine Hat, AB)
  • Mr. Logan and Mrs. Arielle (Bassano, AB)
  • The Davenport Family: Jeptha, Tamara, Katharina, Isabella (Calgary, AB)
  • Mr. Chris and Mrs. Kristin Spanswick (Calgary, AB)
  • Mr. John Pereira (Calgary, AB)
  • Mrs. Tanya Connor of the lovely Kicking Horse Hostel (Golden, BC)
  • Mr. Richard Moncion (Vernon, BC)
  • Mr. Blair Gillingham (Penticton, BC)
  • Mrs. Heather Myers (Princeton, BC)
  • The Ghorayeb family (Vancouver, BC)
  • Journalists and media staff who have been interested in our project
  • Our generous donors and supporters from across Canada and the world
  • The various bicycle shops across the country that have generously offered their help
  • Our friends and family for their unconditional love for us (despite this crazy trip :))

2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Congratulations to DANIEL ! We are all with you on this wonderful adventure of challenge for another great cause.
    Way to go
    From your EX neighbours … the Paradis/Costanzo family ! xx

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